• The Warm Days of Winter

    Similar to the Indian Summer of Autumn, Japan hopes for some warm days during Winter.
    December is a very busy month with many year-end parties and preparing for the New Year festivities. Remaining healthy for such activities is important.

    We have created a menu that offers high nutritional value and is protein-packed with amino acids to bring body warmth. Also, we have arranged various seasonal ingredients
    to enhance a "warm winter".

    Sakizuke is Purscot ham with egg yolk foam. This is a speciality from San Marino that has no additives and is even pureed into baby food.

    Wanmono offers miso soup with anglerfish liver and Chinese cabbage and rosemary.
    This quickly warms the body.

    Hassun presents a variety of dishes to cover the last month of the year.
    Enjoy the feeling of a departing year.

    Nimono is cooked yellowtail and Kyoto yam with grated La France pear that looks like fallen snow.

    The main dish consists of lightly-roasted venison served with onion soy sauce. Venison is rich in iron although lower in protein, but it increases effective blood circulation. It is also rich with carnosine and offers some anti-aging and body-warming effect.

    December is the time when people look back over the past year. We hope that 2018 was good for diners and that the coming year will bring you happiness and good health when we look forward to serving you again.

    Selected wines of December

    The Warm Days of Winter

    Sakizuke: San Marino ham, Purscot with egg yolk foam

    Wan-mono: Miso soup with anglerfish liver and Chinese cabbage and rosemary

    Hassun: Kyoto carrot and white celery mixed with olive oil and Japanese pepper
    Cooked oyster in oil with thyme
    Mashed yam with red peas
    Brussels marinated in rice bran
    Soft-boiled egg with volcanic salt
    Seaweed with herring roe
    Cooked green papaya

    Nimono: Cooked yellowtail and Kyoto yam with grated La France pear

    Kuchinaoshi: Cream cheese mixed with bonito flakes served with seaweed

    Main dish: Lightly-roasted venison served with onion soy sauce

    Shokuji: Soy milk Ochazuke with marinated tuna and olive oil

    Dessert: Bean ball and chocolate
    Lotus root mochi with black syrup
    Hoji-tea ice cream



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