• Torino-Ichi  (Poultry Fair)

    Torino-Ichi is an open-market held at Otori jinja shrines around Japan in November on the Days of the Cockerel. These shrines are related to an ancient legendary prince Yamato Takeru who was defeated by the gods and died in the current Kameyama City in Mie Prefecture.
    The legend says that his soul became a bird which then flew away.

    During the Edo Period, the shrines which worshipped Yamato Takeru held an open-air market on the Day of the Cockerel and this tradition still continues.

    For this month's menu we have incorporated the motifs of that festival.

    Sakizuke & Hassun presents a good luck symbol of crunchy chicken meatloaf and the other dishes symbolize the hustle and bustle of that market.

    Wanmono is a white miso soup with grilled chicken and truffles. Enjoy the richness of the white miso truly enhanced by the truffles.

    Oshinogi offers Mochi rice cooked in red wine. Usually, red beans are used to color the Mochi but red wine is used to reflect the famous red wine risotto of Piemonte.  It is served with chestnuts.

    Agemono is deep-fried sea bream covered with crunchy rice crackers served with an original basil and tartar sauce. Enjoy it with some white wine.

    The main dish offers sliced duck cooked in red wine and soy sauce and served with a baked apple.

    Shokuji features Ochazuke a la carbonara. The rice is cooked with fresh peppers and served in a creamy Pancetta sauce.

    When people visit the Cockerel Fair they buy a lot of good luck items such as Kumate rakes.
    We hope that this month's menu will evoke the hustle and bustle of such a popular market.
    Selected wines of November


    Torino-Ichi  (Poultry Fair)

    Sakizuke & Hassun:
    Crunchy chicken meatloaf
    Red Konnyaku cooked in bonito-base soup
    Sweet and spicy quail egg
    Grilled chicken with fermented fish sauce
    Mochi with sweet potato
    Fresh prawns with Kobu seaweed

    Wan-mono: White miso soup with grilled chicken and truffles

    Oshinogi: Mochi rice cooked in red wine, served with chestnuts

    Agemono: Deep-fried sea bream and rice crackers served with tartar sauce and basil

    Kuchinaoshi: Ricotta cheese with Yuzu and rice cracker

    Main dish: Sliced duck cooked in red wine and soy sauce served with baked apple

    Shokuji: Ochazuke a la carbonara with fresh pepper

    Dessert: Mousse with persimmon and tofu
    White bean ball with buttered potato
    Hoji-tea ice cream
  • Harvest Festival

    Harvest Festival

    The harvest festival is named "Kannamesai" which dates back to ancient 
    times. At the Ise Jingu Shrine the first crop of rice is offered to the Sun 
    Godess Amaterasu on October 19th. This day is considered as the New Year of 
    the Ise Jingu Shrine.

    The menu theme this month is "Kannamesai" celebrating the blessings of 

    Sakizuke is yellow chrysanthemum and grilled Shitake mushroom sushi served 
    with ginger foam.

    Wanmono presents bonito-base soup with grated green apple and roast beef. 
    The sourness of the apple enhances the roast beef flavor.

    Hassun offers a variety of dishes using seasonal ingredients.

    Mushimono is deep-fried tofu mixed with chopped Kyoto yam, ginko nuts and 
    lily root covered with crab starch

    The main dish offers Matsutake mushrooms, paprika and green peppers wrapped 
    with sliced steamed chicken served with Japanese pickles and cashew nuts.

    Shokuji is rice cooked in tomato-based soup with Hamo fish. The subtle 
    sourness of tomato and salty Hamo fish create a delicate harmony.

    October is called "Kannazuki" (no gods) according to the traditional 
    Japanese calendar. There is a theory that all gods gather at the Izumo 
    Shrine but some say that "Kannamesai" at the Ise Jingu Shrine later changed 
    to "Kannamesai".

    In Japan, harmony is highly valued and therefore black and white conclusions 
    are not popular. Japanese cuisine creates great harmony between conflicting 

    We hope you will enjoy such surprising harmonies at our restaurant.

    Selected wines of October


    Harvest Festival

    Sakizuke: Yellow chrysanthemum and Shitake mushroom sushi with ginger foam

    Wan-mono: Bonito-base soup with grated green apple and roast beef sprinkled with black pepper

    Hassun: Sweet potato chips and soy milk dip
    Marinated saury
    Chestnuts cooked in coconut milk
    Ginko nuts pickled in fermented fish sauce
    Swordfish jelly
    Stir-fried yam with garlic,soy sauce and butter
    Brown mushrooms pickled in rice bran

    Mushi-mono: Deep-fried tofu mixed with chopped Kyoto yam covered with crab starch

    Kuchinaoshi: Spicy Chinese quince sorbet

    Main dish: Sliced, steamed chicken with Matsutake mushrooms served with Japanese 
    Pickles and cashew nuts

    Shokuji: Rice cooked in tomato-based soup with Hamo fish

    Tome-wan: Clear soup with new ginger pickled in rice bran

    Dessert: Black sesame ball
    Dried biscuit with peanuts and brown sugar
    Hoji-tea ice cream


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