• Surviving the Heat

    According to the traditional Japanese calendar, August is the time when leaves begin to fall. However, today August is now the time of peak summer heat, especially this year. So for this month's menu, we have arranged various ingredients to cool down the body and provide vitality to overcome the heat.

    Sakizuke features "Bakudan" which is a mixed ball of raw abalone, jellyfish, Muscat grape, Mekabu seaweed, yam, chia seeds and cucumber pickled in rice bran. Savor the texture of abalone and jellyfish.

    Wanmono is a spicy soup with minced sardines wrapped in Shiitake mushrooms.
    The capsaicin in the red pepper stimulates the sympathetic nerve and improves blood flow and digestive system.

    For Hassun, a variety of dishes are arranged, using seasonal ingredients.

    Nimomo is a dumpling with soft-shell turtle and tuna served with new ginger.
    The soft-shell turtle is famed for its vitality. The soup is served with shredded squash and green onions.

    The main dish presents meat balls with truffles topped with grated cucumber.

    Shokuji offers Hamo fish tempura with rice cooked in Konbu seaweed.

    Tomewan features red miso soup with Hamo fish bladder.

    In the old days, summers weren't so hot as now with no air conditioners and refrigerators. Then, people used to eat and dink according to the efficacy of Chinese medicine, suggesting food and drink that cools down the body.
    From the Edo to the Meiji Periods, loquant tea was drunk, made from loquant and peach leaves.

    Still today, people gather to enjoy eating and drinking while surviving the severe hot summers continuing right now. So we hope you will regain your vitality from our new menu.
    Selected wines of August


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