• The Whiteness of NewYear

    The Whiteness of NewYear

    We wish you a Happy New Year!
    This is the last New Year of the Heisei Era, as the current Emperor will abdicate in April. An unprecedented act since the Imperial Code was established in the Meiji Era. This year will see the beginning of new era for Japan.

    Behind such a backdrop, we choses the theme of "whiteness", like a clean white canvas on which to serve up a variety of New Year dishes.

    Sakizuke is a pork cutlet sushi.The juicy pork cutlet is tightly sandwiched with sushi rice.

    Wanmono offers bonito-base creamy milk soup with Kuzu starch and white cod roe.

    Hassun represents a variety of dishes made with early Spring new growth beneath the snow.

    Nimono presents a mackerel and lotus root burger, which seems at the surface like a Japanese-style hamburger but such a combination will surprise the taste.

    The main dish offers beef tongue cooked in chicken broth served with a baked blood orange

    Shokuji is Yuba ochazuke with grated Yuzu citrus. Yuba represents the clouds around a snowy mountain top.

    According to a Japanese historian, eras or periods can be compared to "male" and "female" times which alternate. For example,the Edo Period was regarded as being "female" as the mass culture blossomed. After the turbulent end of Edo, a new Meiji Era emerged which was seen as "male".
    This was followed by the "female" Taisho Era, then the "male" Showa Era and then the "female" Heisei Era which will end in April.

    We hope that this year will bring you lots of happiness and prosperity as we look forward to serving you over the coming year.

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    The Whiteness of NewYear

    Sakizuke: Pork cutlet sushi with capers

    Wan-mono: Bonito and milk Kuzu starch soup with cod roe

    Hassun: Deep-fried smelt with rice crackers
    Pickled dry tofu and white celery
    Rape blossoms mixed with mustard topped by thinly-sliced radish
    Yellow Chinese chives mixed with milk and egg yolk
    Pickled cauliflower in rice bran
    Boiled burdock root mixed with spicy cod roe

    Nimono: Mackerel and lotus root burger topped with grated radish and citrus vinegar

    Kuchinaoshi: Scorched mozzarella with calamanci vinegar

    Main dish: Beef tongue cooked in chicken broth served with baked blood orange

    Shokuji: Yuba ochazuke with grated Yuzu citrus

    Dessert: Steamed yam bun
    Amazake jelly
    Hoji-tea ice cream


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